Sorority Hazing: Suspension Bondage Caning And Enema

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Sorority Hazing: Suspension Bondage Caning And Enema
Alexa, a sizzling brunette, is eager to join the sorority that Alyssa, a sexy cheerleader, belongs to. But admission comes at a price - a lengthy, harsh hazing, delivered by Alyssa and a guy friend of hers.

Poor Alexa ends up in tears several times, in the course of the caning/whipping, while in suspension bondage, not to mention the clothespins on her nipples, the rectal thermometer and enema delivered across Alyssa's lap, with a large nozzle and a flow indicator.

Alexa also has to eat Alyssa's pussy and lick her toes. She gets masturbated and spanked, with more clothespins on her, while almost upside down, with her butt on Alyssa's lap and her hands on the floor. For a final humiliation, she has to expel the enema water on the toilet, in full view.

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