Summer & Fauna: Syrup and Oil Comin' to a Boil

Studio: Color Crown
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Summer & Fauna: Syrup and Oil Comin\' to a Boil
When Summer comes around, things naturally get hot. When it's our busty brunette Summer in the summer, things get even hotter, especially when she's out in the sun. Just for your pleasure she's completely covering herself in vegetable oil. Wearing just a garter belt and stockings, and lacy white bra and panties - there goes the oil, over and under the undies. Lots of oil rubbing here: into the silky fabric, into the skin, into everything, as a matter of fact: her hair, her toes . . . you name it, and you'll see Summer rubbing herself there. It's an absolute orgy of shiny, slippery action, followed by a sexy shower with the lingerie still on - Wow. We promised you syrup, and we deliver, big time! Next, you'll watch Fauna get as sweet as a beautiful model can get, thanks to an unending supply of maple syrup and her desire to tease and please you as you watch her make a mess on and around her fabulous body, wearing green silk panties and a see-thru bra. As soon as that syrup makes contact, she shines like a diamond. Incredible close-ups of those fingers getting the sweet, slick stuff into her most intimate crevices. When she steps into the shower, you might think: why waste the water - let me lick you clean! Wet - Messy - Beautiful Women.

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