Bound And Gagged Volume 1

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Bound And Gagged Volume 1
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Jessica Jagger
1. Bound in a rocking chair and bit gagged.
2. Strict nude hogtie and ball gagged.

Mistress Tirrza

1. Bound and ball gagged. Exposed and fondled.
2. Hogtied and ring gagged for sale on the slave market.
Amber Wild

1. Nude in leather cuffs, bit gagged and chained.
2. Hogtied and ball gagged and fondled.
3. Leather cuffs, collar, nipple clamps and ball gagged.

1. Nurse in leather cuffs and large ball gag while chained to the ceiling.
2. Waitress tight bound and ball gagged for poor service.
3. Strictly hogtied and ball gagged.
4. French maid tightly bound and ball gagged.


1. Bound and cleave gagged by a burglar. She later ball gagged and hogtied. (on screen tying and gagging)
2. Bound and cleave gagged and then gagged with a very large ball. (on screen gagging)

Konnie Sims
1. Tightly bound and gagged with a very large ball. (on screen gagging)
Ariel Andersen

1. Chained in leather cuffs and bit gagged.

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