Sarah Straps On

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Sarah Straps On
The incredibly voluptuous Mistress Sarah puts jack and Marco through their paces for 54 minutes. Highlights include compelled bi, a huge huge strap on, smoking and body worship. Several black leather outfits, boots and some new high-heeled shoes provide decoration to this unbelievable young Mistresses body. Totally naked at the end, except for Her strap on securely lodged in jack's back end; this Mistress is the total package. Mistress Sarah, in black leather, orders slut jack to put on Her black spiked heels and casually lights a cigarette. He does as ordered and is rewarded with several solid kicks to the balls. He is used as Her ashtray and She spits and flicks Her ashes into his gaping mouth. He licks the bottoms of Her shoes clean and serves as Her floor mat. In the other room, Mistress Sarah has slave Marco fastened to the table and begins to shock him with the violet wand. She orders jack to suck his cock and lick his balls as She applies the nipple extender to Marco. Mistress Sarah tightens the screw so that Marco's nipples are pinched and pulled form his body. She controls jack's head making him suck and deep throat the helpless Marco's cock. Laughing She enjoys giving Marco pain and making jack give him pleasure. She reaches for the cock pump and sucks Marco's cock shaft into the device as She orders jack to lick his balls. Moving Her bare pussy over Marco's face, She pumps and torments his cock as slave jack services his balls. Her pussy on slave Marco's face, Mistress Sarah has his cock trapped in the pump and his nipples in torment. Slut jack is licking Marco's balls as he is bound like an insect to the table. Mistress Sarah decides it is time to fuck the longhaired submissive and releases him so She can shove a dildo up his ass to loosen it up. She is wearing a gigantic strap on and slowly inserts the head into Marco while jack kneels and watches wide eyed as the massive cock slides in. Mistress Sarah finishes driving the huge dildo into Marco as slut jack kneels at Her feet. His violated hole can take no more. Now in a leather strap harness outfit and wearing black boots, Mistress Sarah has a smoke break and makes jack suck the large strap on She is wearing like the real cock he has just had in his mouth. She spits down his throat, uses him as Her ashtray and makes him eat the butt after putting it out on his tongue. More strap on sucking for jack and then he takes a bit of the crop. Mistress Sarah strips down for some solid strap on action with slut jack. Her beautiful, natural 36D breasts bounce sexily as She rams Her cock into his asshole. She fucks him from behind for some time and then orders him to his back, legs high in the air. After some deep drilling, She gets up and brings a large dildo back. After She has put Her cock back in his ass, She drives the dildo in along with it and laughs at his discomfort. She decides to get another, longer dildo and does the same thing. Two cocks in his ass and the topless Mistress Sarah bearing down on him make jack happy in his humiliation and debasement.

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