Babyfication Pantyhose 2

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Babyfication Pantyhose 2
The Evil Mistress Amelae captivates with her huge E cup size breasts. She also has a plan to capture Katya and turn her into her sex slave baby. After luring her into her trap she begins to strip Katya of her clothing.Suprised and shocked Katya fights and shouts for help, but it is no use. Powerful Amelae wrestles Katya and then intoxicates her with a magic pantyhose crotch. Breathing only the pantyhose crotch Katya is rendered helpless. With great pleasure Amelae dresses Katya in shiny pantyhose. Getting her plaything to have orgasms makes Amelae laugh. The orgasms take effect and Katya begins to regress into a baby. After her last efforts to struggle and plead they take full effect. For the final touch Amelae shoves a pacifier into her new baby Katya's mouth.

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