Mistress Nemesis - The Leather Bondage Bag

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Mistress Nemesis - The Leather Bondage Bag
The slave is encased in a leather bondage sack with only his head and his cock sticking out, even so, Mistress Nemesis can still find his nipples and squeezes and pinches them. To complete the slave's bondage, Mistress ties the bondage sack down onto her bench with intricate rope work, ensuring that there is no escape for this slave. As the slave gets more and more excited, Mistress feeds him the pre-cum from his cock before she starts to tie up his cock and balls. Mistress Nemesis continues with the cock bondage, wrapping the cord tightly around the slaves cock and balls and passing the string up and over a beam, so that she can pull and tug at his genitals, causing him to writhe in pain. Now it's time for Mistresses secret weapon, a vibrating device that she pushed onto his engorged cock and balls, he writhes with a combination of pleasure and agony, how much can he take?

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