Morgasm Medley

Studio: MaskTV
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Morgasm Medley
Well, firstly we must say a huge thank you to all our fans out there, who have watched, participated and enjoyed what has become a phenomenally successful endeavour for 2003 literally CAME, CAME again, and finally went to bed. Mask TV has touched the hearts and private parts of many of you, and now this month as a thank you, we have brought together two of our hottest girls to review some of their favourite episodes, as they get hot explaining why they had fun helping our candidates fulfil their sexual fantasies. Our girls, who review Lucky Dundas, the White House ASSignment and Huggy Bear's Big Bamboozle, get really horny and have to relieve each other with a huge glass dildo. Somehow chopsticks get used to bring one girl to her first onscreen orgasm. You won't want to miss this month's Mask TV's Memorable "MOREgasm" Medley!! See for yourself

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