Elite Pain Interviews: Mirabel The Curious Girl

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Elite Pain Interviews: Mirabel The Curious Girl
Mirabel is a neatly clothed brunette whose curiosity has driven her to Elite Pain castings. She appears to be the nervous type because Max had to walk her up to the chair on the studio set. Looking to the right of herself, she realizes that instruments on the table do and will cause real pain. Max hopes that by the end of the casting, her curiosity will remain the same and she will want to be in a film.

Examining the instruments is always good until Max has you unclothe. Putting her hands up high, she is stroked with the whip and complimented on how cute her titties are. Of course his objective is to clamp, twist and slap them. He had given her the opportunity to pull one of the clamps off of her nipples, but her strength and mental complicity did not match up. Turning around, Mirabel realized that she doesn't know what is coming next after the paddling on her bottom and this scares her once more. Obeying to his wishes, she remains in the same position and whimpers among herself.

With her body stretched to new heights, she is whipped with a wire. He warns of it hurting very much, but he wants her to stand it. As Max takes a seat, he mentions to Mirabel that he wants her to feature in a cane of the bottom only movie with Mood Pictures. He also tells her congratulations she passed the test!

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