Magma Swingt Im Club Maihof

Studio: Magma Film
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Magma Swingt Im Club Maihof
The "Maihof" Swingers' Club has been the number one club in Germany for thirty years and is also the biggest swingers' club in the world! If you haven't been to Maihof's you don't know what swinging is all about. The Maihof was founded by Pope Wolfgang Sander and his lovely wife Regina and is located in Pfalz, Germany. In this film Goldy and his team took the opportunity to pay the club a visit. Goldy has recorded on film what audiences have been waiting to see for 30 years. A unique group experience of sex orgies that exist nowhere except in the basement of the Maihof's! Come on in and see how the shameless act out their desire for swinging right before your eyes.

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