Cecil Howard's Sinners Part Two: The Burn

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Cecil Howard\'s Sinners Part Two: The Burn
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An epic in the grand tradition, Cecil Howard's "Sinners" series is a sprawling, powerful and seductive masterpiece. A must see for those who like their sex mixed with large doses of drama.

Original Liner Notes:
THE SIZZLING SAGA CONTINUES...Evil Millionaire John Holt persuades his insatiable wife , Daisy and her vulnerable sister Lauren, into a steamy menage with Jamie, a stranger. Daisy draws the affair out, then betrays Jamie, leaving him framed in a robbery by Holt's sons Louis and Scott. Now, Jamie is out of prison, enraged and sexually impotent. His former lover, Alice, comforts him, aided by voluptuous sex pro Felice.

The corrupt Holt's are entangled in sex games. Daisy, after John's suicide, marries Finch, a sometime gigolo who seduces Lauren. Susan plays out illicit dreams with Scott. Louis smothers his guilt in exotic Alba's bedroom antics. The blaze of lust, power and lies burns ever hotter as Jamie's moment of revenge approaches. A glistening tribute to erotic passion from Cecil Howard, the master.

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