18-Year-Old Redhead Bondage & Nipple Play

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18-Year-Old Redhead Bondage & Nipple Play
18-year-old redhead Misti Winters, who hails from the lone star state of Texas, is making her first visit to New York and a friend has introduced her to Master Rick Savage. Of course, we're not sure the person will still have "friend status" once the wicked Rick is finished with Misti's young body.

Outdoors in the back yard, Rick finds Misti on a swing set. After a brief introduction, Misti lowers her blouse to reveal her firm girlish boob and an incredibly hard nipple. Rick reaches from behind his camera and gently pinches the nipple causing Misti to shudder. Almost immediately, the nipple distends and WOW, does this teenager have long nipples. Rick exposes her other tit and pinches her other nipple. The nipple pinching goes on for several minutes, with our 18-year-old getting quite excited. Deciding to take the nipple play to the next level, Rick brandishes a small, rawhide genital flogger and begins a nipple flogging. Misti's excitement level just continues to rise. The nipple flogging becomes harsh and Misti's hand is now rubbing the crotch of her "Daisy Duke" cutoffs, telling Rick that she is getting seriously wet. After a sound nipple thrashing with the wicked little flogger, Rick brandishes a pair of sturdy nipple clamps connected by a chain. Misti is intrigued. She's never indulged in bondage or B&D before. As Rick screws the clamps tighter and tighter on her nipples, Misti appears to be in a state of bliss. Rick pulls up on the chain, stretching her long nipples skyward. The camera zooms close for an amazing view of young Misti's elongated nipples. Misti's hand is busy fingerfucking herself underneath her scanty cutoffs. Like a dog on a leash, Misti is now lead into the house by Rick gently pulling on the chain and clamps attached to her nipples.

Time for this 18-year-old's introduction to rope bondage. With the fierce nipple clamps still biting her nipples, her hands are bound behind her back, her ankles are tied together, knees tied together and rope is used to pull her elbows closer together. Now... Misti is wearing ridiculously sexy jean cutoffs. The legs are cut SO high that her shaved pussy is visible beneath the front of the cutoffs. Basically just a seam of blue jeans passes between her shaved pussy lips. SO, Savage attaches a rope to the belt loops, runs the rope through an eyebolt in the ceiling, and now her cutoffs are hoisted deeply between her pussy lips. Savage remarks, "Misti...you are basically getting fucked by your pants." After gagging our young girl, Savage adds one more piece of twine to his bondage masterpiece. The twine is tied to the chain between the nipple clamps and is also tied to the overhead bolt, thus stretching our young redhead's nipples towards the ceiling.

For her next rope bondage position, a totally naked Misti is laid on her back on the floor. Her wrists are bound to her ankles. Rope around her waist, passes between her completely bald pussy lips and is affixed to the eyebolt in the ceiling. Rick tugs on her crotch rope several times causing our young lady to gasp repeatedly. A ball gag is stuffed into Misti's mouth. Her nipple play continues as Rick now beats Misti's hard nipples with his rubber flogger, pausing occasionally to pinch them with his fingers. Flogging, pinching, flogging, pinching. Rick grabs a finger full of nipple and pulls it upwards. Then, the nipple coup de grace - twine is tied directly on each nipple and hoisted up, attaching to the eyebolt in the ceiling. The view of the stretched, bound nipple is utterly amazing. Rick tweaks Misti's nipple pain by plucking on the twine tied to her nipples like he's playing a harp. And occasionally, he plucks the rope between her totally shaved labia. Misti is groaning, whimpering. The rope bondage itself has become the game.

For her next taste of B&D, a naked, ball bagged Misti is dressed in very steep, high heeled patent leather boots and introduced to another form of rope bondage - shibari. The ancient art of Japanese rope bondage. Rick's camera zooms close on a nipple while he uses long, steel tweezers to pinch, pull, twist and poke our 18-year-old redhead's tender nipples. The camera also zooms tight on Misti's shaved twat so we get a close up view of the thick rope biting into her cunt. Our girl's nipple play continues as Rick uses a large, leather flogger to beat her nipples and occasionally whack her in the pussy. Again the camera zooms close on her nipples so we can see them dance when the very tips of Rick's flogger hits the bulls eyes. Not wanting Misti to feel her ass is being neglected, Rick's flogger also administers a dose of butt punishment.

Misti's nipple play is again taken to new heights as Master Rick affixes small suction tubes to each nipple and begins to pump, sucking the air out of the tubes. The sight is utterly amazing as our young redhead's distended nipples get sucked deeper and deeper into the tubes until they look virtually deformed. Rick disconnects the pumps, sealing off the tubes so Misti's nipples remain in a state of hell, sucked deeply into the tubes. He then smacks the tubes, pulls on the tubes and several times the camera goes in close to view this excruciating nipple action. Finally, Savage decides to leave his new young slave bound thusly, her nipples in sheer agony while he....takes a break.

Misti's maiden voyage into the world of bondage and discipline has been one she will not soon forget. And it leaves us yearning for her next journey down the road of submission and pain.

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