Rick Savage Redhead Bondage & Submission

Studio: Rick Savage
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Rick Savage Redhead Bondage & Submission
Young redhead Bethany claims she is submissive and loves pain and punishment. She is seeking a job as a professional slave in the dungeon. Who better than Master Rick Savage to put her to the test, find out if she has the appropriate submissive nature and pain threshold necessary to work in the dungeon? In an immediate test of obedience, Bethany is commanded to lie on the floor, face down and pull her skirt and panties down just below her butt cheeks. She is now informed that she is to remain in this position for one hour, and meditate on her vulnerability. The camera fades. When Rick returns she is told to pull up her clothing and stand. Rope bondage will now...immobilize our young redhead. The rope tied around her ankles accentuates her sexy, black, steep, open-toed high heels. Another rope holds her knees together. More rope is wrapped around her torso just above and below her tits on the outside of her business suit. Her wrists are bound behind her back and a large ball gag is stuffed into her mouth.

With our young potential slave snug in her bondage, Master Rick pulls open her business suit jacket to reveal her perky natural breasts and hard nipples. Bethany's first pain test comes in the form of barehanded tit play as the master squeezes, pinches and presses deep into his potential slave's boobs. Two pairs of sharp tweezers are then used to poke her boobs and to pinch and pull on her hard nipples. Bethany has those fantastic pencil-eraser type nipples that just come out and say hello to you when they get erect. SO, Master Rick attaches strong suction tubes to each nipple which causes excruciating nipple pain. Rick now leaves Bethany, standing in her heels, bound, gagged with the suction tubes creating a nipple play that our young redhead probably never dreamed of.

Upon his return, the rope bondage and much of her clothing is removed so master can affix Bethany to a St. Andrews cross for her flogging test. Rick's heavy flogger now lands repeated, rhythmic blows to her bare back, her firm buttocks. The camera does an excellent job of catching all the bun jiggles as hard blows punish her ass. After a sound flogging, Master moves his potential slave to the medical room where more rope bondage is applied and Bethany is placed face down on the gyno table. The rope just below her butt cheeks serves to frame her ass nicely. The ropes around her wrists are tied to her "butt cheek" ropes. After freshening up the bruises on her ass with more flogging, Master Rick adds an electrical element to Beth's slave audition as his violet wand assaults her body with most of the attention paid to her succulent ass cheeks with the occasional zap to the backs of her sensitive thighs. The camera zooms close and we can actually SEE the electricity jump from the wand to her tender ass cheeks. Now that he has his young slave's fullest attention, it's time for some acupuncture needle play. After putting on his latex gloves, Dr. Rick now begins inserting small needles into Bethany's tender butt globes. The camera zooms close so we can watch the needles press against, then puncture her ass flesh. After adorning our young slave's ass with close to 20 needles, Rick's camera explores the stunning view of Bethany's "porcupine" butt from several angles.

For her final test, Bethany, now completely naked is bound to a gurney, face up and the gurney is stood against a wall. Bethany is now blindfolded. The cold air in the room gives our young slave goose bumps and keeps her nipples good and hard. Her totally shaved pussy looks SO vulnerable as Savage begins a long test of pain in the form of hot, scorching candle wax. He uses his hottest burning red candle to slowly drizzle candle wax on her tits, her nipples, all down the entire front of her body. Rick suddenly removes the candle wax from her nipples. Why'Because he wants to pour more hot wax on them and doesn't want a coating of wax to protect her nipples from the pain. Larger candles now bring larger volumes of hot wax, as gradually, the ENTIRE front of her torso is painted with lavender, purple and red candle wax. Bethany's flesh is now the canvas as the master creates his painting with the blistering hot, multi-colored wax. The camera now takes several minutes to pan and zoom in on Savage's masterpiece, getting brilliant views of one of the hottest candle waxings in the history of B&D cinema. Does our young redhead pass her audition'Watch, and you be the judge.

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