Rick Savage Pussy Play 6

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Rick Savage Pussy Play 6
We find pretty doe-eyed house slave, Brianna in a cage underneath a bondage bed. She looks sad. How long has Master Savage had her locked up in that cage? He releases her and she looks so sexy, wearing just a white lacey bra, white sheer pantyhose and open-toed high heels. Her pantyhose are pulled up tight, giving her a stunning camel toe. The object of the Master's cruelty today is Brianna's totally shaved pussy. But to get her warmed up, he can't resist spanking and paddling those gorgeous pantyhose-covered butt cheeks. But little 4'11" Brianna is so short her hands just can't reach the top rings on the St. Andrews cross. No problem. Rick just handcuffs her hands around the cross and begins spanking. So as not to make his hand too sore, the Master alternates using a cruel leather paddle on little Brianna's ass. After plenty of butt punishment Rick slides down the pantyhose to expose Brianna's flaming ass cheeks. And...the bright colors of her tushie inspires Rick to keep spanking for another minute.

Time to place Brianna's hot little body in rope bondage. Rope circumnavigates her upper torso just above and below her tits. Her ankles are tied together and a waist/crotch rope pulls her pantyhose deep into her wet slit giving her one heckuva pussy wedgie. After putting a big ball gag in her mouth, Rick pulls up several times on the rope passing between her pussy lips, which causes his little slave to grimace and gasp. Master's crop begins nailing pretty Brianna right on the camel toe. Which causes more delightful squeals to emanate from beneath her ball gag. After a nice little camel toe cropping, Rick breaks out a pair of scissors and partially cuts the nylon crotch out of her pantyhose. After teasing her pussy wedgie with a large vibrator, the rope is removed from Brianna's hot box and a spreader bar is placed between her ankles. Brianna's totally bald little pussy looks so cute. After beating it with his leather flogger, Rick clamps sturdy, plastic forceps to each of her shaved labia. He tugs on them, stretching her pussy lips. To make the tug...permanent, Savage then affixes large fishing weights to each forceps. The stretching floor-wards of those cute bald labia almost gives sweet Brianna's dainty pussy a deformed look. Very hot! Rick swings the weights. She moans beneath her gag. She is now commanded to rock her hips back and forth and swing the weights herself. To give her brief respite from her pussy pain, Savage lifts the weights a few inches. But then suddenly announces, "breaks over," and drops the weights, sending a wave of pain outwards from her pussy. Again, Master gives her a short break and again, drops the weights. Ouch. He wants to see MORE weights, stretching those pretty lips towards the floor. To help distract her from the intense pussy pain, Savage holds a vibrator against her clit and now adds even bigger weights to the forceps. The site....is simply breathtaking. Before continuing with her pussy play, Savage's camera zooms in to give us a sweet view of her elongated shaved labia.

The pretty, exotic looking Brianna is released from the cross and put on the bondage bed. Face down, her wrists are tied to her ankles, leaving our ball-gagged slave's pretty rump high in the air. With the crotch now completely cut out of her pantyhose, a double rope is again tied tightly between her wet pussy lips. Brianna's little shaved quimmy looks so cute, almost chubby. Savage now uses a pair of cold steel tongs to pinch them. Then he uses a wicked little rubber flogger to punish those succulent lips. Our ball-gagged little slave is now flipped over on the bondage bed with her legs falling wide open. This affords Savage easy access for his wicked rubber flogger to smack her cute twat. Savage warns her to keep her legs open, but as the flogger keeps hitting its' mark, she keeps instinctively closing her legs. For her disobedience, she must be punished. The double rope between her shaved labia is pulled aside and hot candle wax is now dripped directly onto her fat little pussy lips. Ouch!

For the final segment of her pussy play, Brianna is blindfolded and bound on her back, on the bondage bed, with the spreader bar between her ankles holding her legs WIDE open. After a few moments of squeezing her cute, little natural boobies and pinching her hard, erect nipples, Savage breaks out the violet wand. Time for some ELECTRICAL pussy play. Repeatedly the sparks of electricity jump from the wand directly to her shaved little beaver. Occasionally...just for a little surprise, the wand wanders up to her hard nipples. But immediately the focus of the hot wand returns to Brianna's completely vulnerable little wet pussy. Finally, Savage uses his fingers to hold her pussy lips open so the wands sparks of electricity can jump directly inside her little hot box. As the camera fades, the juice gets turned up, and we find ourselves looking forward to the next volume of Rick Savage Pussy Play.

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