Double Humble

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Double Humble
Mistress Maya and Miss Lydia join together to humble two pantyhose slaves. Lots of humiliation, spitting and ass kissing as they break the boys in a bit before making the little one suck some cock as the big one puts on Miss Lydia's pantyhose. Mistress Maya straps on and pleasures Miss Lydia then allows the males to suck Her cum from the strap-on. Miss Lydia straps a big big dildo on and they both tear up some male ass. A humiliating ass to mouth cross suck finishes the film.

Sensuous pantyhose action in the sunroom as slave jack swallows Mistress Maya's spit and then She is joined by Miss Lydia. The two continue to use him as their personal spittoon. He is tantalized by their asses and allowed to kiss them before the beckon slave marco in and seat themselves in front of their two supplicants. High heel and foot domination ensues as the two males worship their feet.

Mistress Lydia has Her high heels deep throated and then orders him to slip off Her shoe to worship Her nylon covered feet. They both have their toes sucked and feet worshiped and then then Mistress Maya face sits marco and Mistress Lydia does a slow strip tease, removing Her pantyhose and revealing Her perfect ass. The lucky slave is handed Her warm, moist pantyhose and ordered to put them on while on his back. Mistress Mays sits on his face to make it as difficult as possible and they order the small slave to jerk his cock. He manages to finally get the pantyhose on as both women punish him. The other submissive begins to lick his taint through the pantyhose.

Miss Lydia strips the pantyhose down and they order the smaller slave to suck cock. They hold his head and make him gag as the cock gets hard. Miss Lydia moves to put on another pair of pantyhose as Mistress Maya queens marco and keeps slave jack sucking his cock. Miss Lydia expertly slides into a pair of black, crotch less pantyhose and moves back to tease the sucking slave with Her feet on the back of his head as Mistress Maya slips on a strap-on. Miss Lydia stands on the big slave and bends to take Mistress Maya's strap-on. She is fucked to orgasm while atop the slave.

Miss Lydia lays back on the horse and Mistress Maya fucks Her as one slave is attached to Her ass and the other lays below. Miss Lydia has multiple, and very loud, orgasms as Her partner fucks Her deep. They order the little slave to apply the vibrator to Her clit as She is fucked, throwing Her into even harder orgasms. They allow first one, then the other slave, to suck Miss Lydia's cum off Mistress Maya's strap-on. Miss Lydia moves to put on a huge strap-on and orders the big slave to bend over the horse. She begins to fuck him as Her partner fucks the others face.

After a hard face fucking of slave jack, Mistress Maya orders him up over top of marco, who has been taking a huge strap-on from Miss Lydia. He is screaming from the intense fucking as the other slave is folded over top and Mistress Maya rams his ass with Her strap-on. The Ladies could not be happier as the pile drive the assholes of the submissives. The two fuck them very fast and then slow before pulling out their dripping cocks and ordering each to suck the cum from the others strap-on. A super humiliating finish as the two slaves clean up after each other and the Mistresses laugh and look at each other and smile sadistically.

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