The Billionaire's Daughter

Studio: Marc Dorcel
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The Billionaire\'s Daughter
2016 AVN Award Nominee for Best Foreign Feature Mr. Castle and his wife own a true media empire. They succeed at everything they do - they are beautiful, in love, and they are very rich. Because of this, journalists and paparazzi are at their feet. There's only one problem: the Castles have a very wild daughter - Lana. A real night owl, Lana spends her evenings doing the rounds of social events, pouncing at will on every guy she meets that she fancies with no one off limits. But one evening, while having passionate sex with handsome Johnny in the toilets of a disco, Lana is surprised by paparazzi. Obviously, the snap of the stunner having sex immediately goes round the world, causing her parents all the more embarrassment as, far from calming her down, the stolen pic pushes Lana even further into debauchery. Will her billionaire parents' empire be able to withstand her escapades? Unless Lana's perversity and unbridled sexuality are exactly what the public wants to see in the press...

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