Swingers Wife Swap 3 - The Club Party

Studio: Adam & Eve
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Swingers Wife Swap 3 - The Club Party
Four swinger couples take a sexy road trip and converge on the Freedom Acres Swing Club for the wildest swinging weekend ever. Cindy and Ricardo have been in the lifestyle for years and arrange a party with their favorite couples. The action heats up as partners are exchanged and the club property is explored.

Timid and shy English student, Gwen, transforms into a wild woman with actor, Frank, as they connect at the outdoor bar; while kinky Rosa and Tom explore their darker sides in the bondage room.

Cindy and her stud muffin husband introduce the brand new lifestyle couple, Julia and Eddy, to the wanton ways of swinging in the late night poolside four-way.

Saturday night the dirty dancing party explodes into an all-out flesh fest orgy with everyone swapping and never stopping, having the sexiest and most exciting time of their lives!

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