Bareback Attack

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Bareback Attack
Bareback Attack is a movie about fantasy, raw breeding, and cum feeding. It's about raw man-to-man action. This film is about how 2 cock starved bottoms satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex and what they do when they play the Bareback Way. The action contained in this film is authentic and strictly Bareback. There are no filming or editing illusions being presented within this film. Although there is high degree of eroticism in experiencing unprotected sex, the feeding and breeding of Cum, there are risk issues to be considered. Each model attested to those risks, and participated in this film willingly. I hope you enjoy watching the film as much as I did making it for you...

The Blindfold What bottom hasn't thought of the fantasy of being stripped naked, ass perched up in the air, blindfolded, being used totally and completely anonymously by a Well Hung Hot Top stud. The thought of never knowing who is slipping his raw dick into you, only imagining what they look like, and what it attached to that stiff hard cock. Knowing that you only mean 1 thing to the Top, you [the bottom] are two holes for the use by the Top Guy to get himself off...This is scene that scene, and this is the fantasy this bottom lived out. To this day, the bottom has no clue who the Top guy was or if they will ever fuck again. The scene was arranged between both of these models anonymously...There is some very great action happening in this scene...Raw fucking extraordinaire, these guys did not hold back at all, the scene is loud, aggressive, and electric. There is some hot Ass-to-Mouth-to-Ass action. On a number of occasions within the scene the bottom is begging to taste himself and his ass off the Top's cock. The raw cock only to quick to oblige. The scene concludes with a massive raw cum shot being fed to bottom, with blindfolded bottom not missing a drop, it was fun to film, and remarkable to sit back and watch.

Breeding the Bottom I met this bottom guy only a few days prior to filming this scene with him. Very casually via an internet chat group we both sparked up a conversation, and after a couple of minutes of banter, this bottom guy was at my apartment door, stripped naked in my hallway, hard as a rock, on his hands and knees, totally exposed semi-publicly. Right there, I knew this guy was about pushing the envelope and pushing his own limits. This scene is the first of two scenes shot on the same day with this bottom guy [Feeding the Bottom is the other]. The scene starts off with some very hot cock sucking, ass rimming, kissing, and a lot of 'heat'. The chemistry between these guys was phenomenal. Both these guys were hard from the get go, and ready to play. The bottom was a true cock whore, and was only too eager to get every inch of cock in his raw butt and every ounce of man juice inside his hole. The scene moves to the living room, where the bottom proceeds to get a hard and stiff 8.5 x 5 inch cock shoved into his bare ass. The Top mounts the bottom, pumps and fucks his way to a raw and creamy explosion inside the bottom, breeding his ass. The bottom's raw ass eagerly accepts the load of man juice. The bottom yells ' I can feel you shooting deep into my crack, give me all your raw load'...As the Top pulls out of the bottom's raw hole, we catch the some of the load seeping and oozing out. The bottom cups his hand under his asshole and balls to catch every last drop, he licks his fingers and proceeds to eat as much of the load that was just bred into him.

Feeding the Bottom This scene is the second fuck scene of the day [Breeding the Bottom is the other] with the same bottom. The beauty about this scene is that although there was about 3 hours in between the 'Breeding' scene, the Bottom was able to preserve some of the Raw Cum Load from the previous scene in his ass. If you saw our most recent release Bustin' My Nut, you saw Jake's hot cock drop a huge wad of cum... After seeing his man-meat perform, he was invited back to be the Raw Top for this scene. He thought that would a great idea. When Jake heard that someone else's load would was being used a lube for his bare cock, he was instantly hard, and wanted nothing more than to slip inside the bottom and start fucking him right there and then...The bottom was quite cruel, and made him wait...but just a bit...Our bottom guy starts off by making sure that he gets a taste of some of the cock that will be fucking him bareback. There is some really great deep throat, and throat pumping action happening. The bottom's, mouth is definitely put through a heavy duty work out. But, when the bottom guy throws his ass up in the air, on all fours on the bed, then we see the raw action really jump into high speed...Jake slips his 8 x 6 inch cock right into the bottom's sloppy wet hot hole. You can just see by Jake's expression, that his cock can sense the other Top's raw cum load. Using the remnants of the previous load for lube, Jake proceeds to aggressively fuck the bottom boy in every raw position. With the bottom's faced buried in the mattress of the bed and his ass perched, Jake pile drives his bareback hole. There is some great action in this scene, leading to a hot load of raw cum being fed directly into our bottom boy's mouth. Our bottom boy doesn't miss a drop, and swallows back every ounce of jizz that Jake can feed and deliver. The scene ends off with some hot and soapy fun in the shower..."

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