Ponygirls At Work

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Ponygirls At Work
Watch as Master ponygirl trainer Buck takes his time grooming and tacking-up ponygirl Spellbound for a ride through the woods of Southern Maryland. Riding her shoulder-style, the viewer will be amazed at the beautiful yet strong Spellbound as she carries her rider without misstep through the bridle path in the woods. Spellbound is also a very naughty ponygirl as she mischievously discovers a way to dislodge her unsuspecting rider from his seat on her shoulders. Buck understands his ponygirl has spirit and mettle but he still must punish her for her bad behavior by using his crop.

Next we see the voluptuous Miss Varian preparing her ponygirl, Lady, for a ride as a four-legged style pony. After carefully fitting the western saddle and bridle, Miss Varian rides off across the paddock in West Virginia.

The tall and handsome Sir Maverick trains his pony in the discipline of long lines. He ground drives the blindfolded and completely dependent ponygirl Coffebean through several patterns. He then tacks her up with an authentic pink racing saddle. After riding her he rewards her efforts by hand feeding her carrots and allowing her to quench her thirst by drinking from a bowl like a pet.

Gadget the Purple Pony is a beautiful submissive who is transformed into a cart ponygirl by her owner/master, Mick Luvbight. Gadget and Lady are then skillfully driven by him through the countryside.

There are several more scenes of carting ponygirls in the video, with single and three-some hitches. In one scene, ponygirl Missy Comet is teamed up with ponygirls Lady and Coffeebean to pull Miss Lillian through the woods and across a pasture. The terrain is rocky and hilly, requiring surefootedness in their hoofboots, and endurance. The three ponygirls return from the drive winded, gasping for breath, drooling and gleaming with sweat, like well used ponygirls while their driver is relaxed and refreshed after her country drive.

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