Amateur Pattie In Action

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Amateur Pattie In Action
Two Girl Gangbang: There is a total of 28 minutes of the gangbang. Oh boy - that was an hour of hardcore hot interracial fun, but I couldn't possibly include it all so I edited it down a bit and kept all the best parts! Faith and I had a blast that day and you can totally see that in the video. You will even get to see me in positions I didn't even know I could get into including double and triple penetrations! Plus watch all the fun along with having two hot ladies ready for action!

Two-Girl Bukkake: I also included 22 minutes of the bukkake. We actually spent over an hour sucking and licking cocks and that was such a huge turn on for me! Faith and I got pummeled with cum splattering all over our face and this was my first time. So I felt like a true virgin here, but I had a great time! This full on hardcore video includes all the dirty talk and sucking noises you want to hear.

Orange Cling Latex: The orange cling video is about 16 minutes and it includes all the humor and fun I like to have while "working". You'll see just how sticky that stuff really is and how messy it can! And who would have known that latex attracts bugs...oh my gosh - you're gonna crack up on this one!

A first for Roxanna and Pattie: Back in April, I met Roxanna and she is this hot feisty redhead. Somehow I convinced her to come up to my room for a little fun. This video of her and I was not planned - it really was our first meeting! You'll get to see just how nervous we were around each other. The clip with her and I is only about 5 minutes, but it's a good one! Enjoy!

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