Jazzmon Private Collection #40 - Strap-On Smoking Amazon

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Jazzmon Private Collection #40 - Strap-On Smoking Amazon
The first scene takes place at Jazzmon's Place This lucky participant is stripped, paddled and taken on his knees & back on a bar stool. She then places her hands around him while he is still penetrated with her strap on and lifts him off the stool, stepping away and takes him like that! They go from bar stool to standing to the steps leading up to the bedroom. He is then finished off on the steps. She later catches him in the parking lot of her friends Bar. She displays her strength by carrying him into the bar drape over her right shoulders. She sits down with her legs crossed and places them on a table. She then orders him to light her cigar and strip for her. Then the fun begins!!!!! The entire Bar is her playground! These are actual authorized FemDom sessions filmed for your viewing pleasure!! Enjoy!!

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