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LA Blue Girl 5&6
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LA Blue Girl 5&6

DVD Article Number: 1004

Date added: 08/13/2004
Languages: Englisch, Japanisch
Running Time: 1:30

Description: La Blue Girl 5: summer's over and it's back to college for 18 year-old ninja in training Miko Mildo. Maybe now she can forget about being the Mikoku clan's chosen warrior and get back to trying to have a normal life for a change. Sorry Miko, but being a half-demon, ninja sex-warrior means trouble all year 'round! This time, the trouble is the new woman who's recently transferred into Miko's college -18 year old Fubuki Kai. Pretty and popular, she doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary. But Fubuki is a trained ninja as well, maybe even as good as Miko! And she has ambitions to gain access to the Shikima realm and become its new ruler! The problem is that she doesn't know how the Miroku clan gains entry to the underworld-the only one who knows that is Miko. So far, no one has managed to get her to give away that secret, but Fubuki has a few tricks up her…sleeve! Hang on tight as the battle to control the shikima once again comes to the underworld! La Blue Girl 6: Our half-demon heroine returns to the human world, leaving Fubuki and Nin-Nin behind in the underworld for a little extra duty. But when Miko's dreams are invaded by visions of terrifying, bio-mechanical monstrosities, she finds herself caught-up in the latest attempt to gain control of the underworld! At school, her classmates are kidnapped by creatures straight out of her nightmares. And when Nin-Nin and Fubuki show up to fight them, Miko learns the awful truth: Her Mother's been kidnapped and her father is dying - both victims of a plot to invade the underworld from another, even more bizarre realm. Now it's up to Miko, Nin-Nin, and Fubuki to find out who's behind this attack and stop them before it's too late. But can Miko save her mother, her father, her friends, and still save herself?

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