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Welcome to Pia Carrot #1 1-3
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Welcome to Pia Carrot #1 1-3

DVD Artikelnummer: 1586

Hinzugefügt: 05.11.2004
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Produktionsjahr: 2001
Laufzeit: 1:30

Beschreibung: Japanese Anime Adult series "Welcome to Pia Carrot", featuring the English voice over performed by adult film stars Inari Vachs and Gina Ryder. Volume 1: "Pia Carrot" is a famous family restaurant that has beautiful waitresses who serve in cute sexy costumes. YUSUKE, whose father owns the restaurant, is forced to work part time during the summer break because of his poor grades in school. His classmate and coworker SATOMI (GINA RYDER) teases him and orders him around at the restaurant while SHIHO (INARI VACHS) carefully scrutinizes every move he makes. One day, the beautiful and sexy girl REIKA approaches YUSUKE in the ally of the restaurant and tells him that she has a crush on him. Later on, while saving her from falling, he accidentally touches her full sexy breasts and experiences her soft sensual touch as she presses his hands against her aroused body. SHIHO (INARI VACHS) promotes YUSUKE from bus boy to waiter but he doesn't care about anything but being with REIKA. Volume 2: YUSUKE starts working at his father's restaurant "Pia Carrot" for the summer. He quickly gets the attention of REIKA who, after spending the night together, ignores him and treats him like nothing ever happened. SHOUKO, who has feelings for YUSUKE asks SATOMI (GINA RYDER) for advice. SATOMI lends her a helping hand but is irritated when she sees YUSUKE go into the "LOVE" hotel with SHOUKO. Inside the shower of the hotel room, she tells him she is still a virgin and never has had sex before. YUSUKE, intrigued and aroused quickly forgets about REIKA as they crawl into bed together. YUSUKE father told him that SHIHO (INARI VACHS) the manager of "Pia Carrot" was leaving due to family issues. He also he heard the truth from REIKA while he was taking a walk through the park where they first met. YUSUKE upset and confused, sees SHIHO on his way home from the park. She invites him to her apartment and gently comforts him. YUSUKE puts his face in her full breasts and begs her not to go before seducing her as well. Volume 3: YUSUKE is brokenhearted but is touched by SHIHO's kindness. He isn't able to love her and begins to feel more depressed. At the moment, the people from "Pia Carrot" decide to go on the trip to OKINAWA at the end of the summer. YUSUKE is really excited about going. He thought that it would be like a harem surrounded by beautiful girls in swimsuits. Unexpectedly, he hears news from his father that he's going to get married again, but was not told who his new stepmother is going to be. He also find out that SATOMI (GINA RYDER) knows he went into the "Love" hotel with SHIHO. SATOMI was acting strange and upset. Her long hair flutters in the wind and her wet eyes gaze at him. YUSUKE's heart beats with excitement and anticipation as he waits to see how she'll react.

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