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University Co-Eds 28
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University Co-Eds 28

DVD Article Number: 925

Studio: Dane Country
Date added: 07/26/2004
Series: University Co-Eds
Release Year: 2001
Production Year: 2000

Category: Straight Sex, Teens over 18

Description: Welcome, to another of UNIVERSITY CO-EDS. As usual we have a lineup of fresh, hot, barely legal schoolgirl pee-hole that will leave you drooling and panting like an old coon dog. Hell, these chicks are so hot, after watching you might be tempted to pump your neighbor's leg. Our opening scene has the girlish Kate Foster telling of her experience with our own obnoxious Hershel Savage. When I interviewed her, and she stripteased for us, I just about cried when I saw how bald her girl-hole was. Sweet! I walked around with a tent pole in my pants for at least an hour till my boner subsided. Take my word for it. She's hot! Scene Two has Claudia reliving her experience with an upset motorist whom she has bumped into. With her insurance maxed out on points and him threatening to call the police, she did what she had to which was to satisfy his sexual urges. Scene Three has cute-as-a-button Kitty telling of being seduced by a young, female teacher that loves pussy. Our final scene saves the sweetest schoolgirl for last. Chris Black is a breath of fresh air. She was devastatingly beautiful and intelligent. Truly the total package. She definitely impressed me, and has me under her spell. Her body was reminiscent of Raphael painting. It was as symmetrical and ripe as Marylyn Monroe in her prime. Christina tells us of a fantasy involving a sex crazed carney at the carnival that she would like to fulfill. We do our best to fulfill her desires. Another great lineup of fantastic schoolgirl pussy that we hope you boys enjoy. Great production values, realistic, well thought out scripts, and beautiful, new, fresh, young talent. Shee-it! What more can you guys ask for? Hell, what else is there? My commitment to you guys is that I will continue to put my heart and soul into these shows to ensure that you get the best adult shows that we can produce. 110% always! Thank you as always for your support, Don Marque

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